Exhausters · Vacuum cleaners

EKO - ŠIMKO s.r.o.

Our firm is focusing on production, sale, consultancy and service:

  • exhasters for welding, grinding, soldering, tooling-exhaust of oil mist, exhaust milling sand, turning, laser tooling and other
  • exhausters for dental laboratory, medical lasers
  • industrial vacuum cleaners, systems of central vacuum cleaners for industry
  • central vacuum cleaners for family houses, guest-houses, office buildings, hotels
  • exhausters for exhausting fumes of vehicles, mobile exhausters  without filtration
  • accessory equipment for exhaust during welding-welding table , tables with exhaust for flame cutting machines, integrated torches MIG/MAG for direct exhaust from arc, suction nozzles
  • accessory equipment for all types producs of our firm as exhausters, vacuum cleaners
  • filling machines for extinguishers
  •  mobile sand-blasting machines


Certificates of quality

Quality of delivery certificated acoording to ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2001
Environment protection certified acoording to ČSN EN ISO 14001 : 2005






Golden medal International building fair IBF Brno

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